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Yashera Vinthe

Yashere Vinthe is an artist and has explored all forms of artistic expression, including writing this book.  She is a versatile painter and decoupage artist. She has also dabbled in mixed media and sculpture.  As a designer, she has acquired skills in both interior and exterior décor concepts and has vast experience in styling and accenting various locales. This is her very first book, but she promises a great many more in the near future.  Her fiction series is based on the true stories of abused women and their marital hell. A biography of her parents too is on the anvil, which promisesRead More...

Hugger Mugger, Cloak and Dagger

Books by Yashera Vinthe

Yashera Vinthe, the author, attempts to answer some of the haunting questions that plague us human beings – especially at a time when we arrive at a crossroads in our lives – questions that bother us sometimes to the point of despair, depression or even suicide. Questions like “Is this all there is to life?”, “Why do I feel so empty inside?”, “What am I missing in life?”, Why does life seem so unfair?”, “Why am I not happy?”, “How do I

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