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Yateendra Jain

Information Technology Professional and Writer
Information Technology Professional and Writer

Yateendra Jain started his career in the field of Information Technology in the early times when computers were not used so widely as it is used today. Earlier, the cost of a desktop PC with a VGA monitor was very high and was not easily affordable. The system was also not so user-friendly and the GUI drove as it is today. The author has seen the changes in the area of Information Technology so closely from Command-based Operating System (known as Command Line Interface or CLI) to today’s Click-based Operating System (i.e., Graphic User Interface or GUI). The author was closeRead More...



Computer Hardware, Software, Network, Operating System, DBMS, OOP, System Analysis & Design, Security, Internet… these are some of the areas of Information Technology arena, different terms related to which we hear throughout the day. Some of the terms are familiar to us and some of the terms we have never heard.

This book tries to fulfil the gap and make efforts to acquaint the reader with the terminologies used in the area of Information Technology,

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