Yogendrasing Girase

Yogendrasing Girase has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s in thermal engineering. With his specialised skill set, he established his own small institute—the Perfect Academy (Training and Coaching Centre). He started his coaching career at the age of 19, when he was just in his second year of engineering, and has been coaching over last 19 years.

During these years, he has guided and provided coaching to over 12,000 engineering students, some of whom are now working all over the globe with their own established businesses. He is passionate about encouraging adults and young adults to start their businesses early so that they can achieve financial freedom in the early stages of their lives.

Through Udyojak Bane, Apne Sapno ke liye kam kare, Auron ke nahi! he has been coaching adults all over world to start their businesses early. He personally believes in getting rich and helping others. He dreams that every adult will be financially free before his/her thirties to fully enjoy life and inspire others.


उद्योजक बने, अपने सपनो के लिये काम करे, औरों के नही।

Books by योगेंद्रसिंह गिरासे

लोग नौकरी की भीख क्यों मांगते हैं जब उनके पास हज़ारों विकल्प हैं? वे खुद पर विश्वास कब करने लगेंगे? लोगों को कब पता चलेगा कि वे भी मूल्यवान हैं? यदि वे दूसरों के आदेशों का पालन करके उ

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