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LAVENDER LOVE  Short story by Jujus Pearls God has bestowed us with a wonderful sensory system. All the five senses play a pivotal role in our lives and are conne  Read More...
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With a promise of togetherness they moved into a relationship.  Loveee was pure and the hearts were loyal. A storm stroke into their relationship  and made them ap  Read More...
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"Promise to be never apart"
My Love's different. Different from many. It is not she or he. It is it. It is not a person to be particular. It is a sense. A feeling. And maybe very few may unders  Read More...
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Different Love
Anuja downed the fever medicine just before the shoot. Thankfully, the dreaded test was negative, but the test-and-wait phase had sucked the life out of her. She had  Read More...
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Coffee with Anu Aunty
I remember that day when I first saw you. It was in 7th standard. You came to return my copy which was taken by your friend and you came on his behalf to return me '  Read More...
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First Crush
Love is that emotion  that has many  forms in  the passage of life  .When a baby  you experience cuddles in the hands of your mother and father because the  Read More...
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Love in-depth
'Years slipped away but somethings never change' Roger murmured as he gently open the window. The rain had bath the over burnt city and one could smell the freshness  Read More...
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Where the buttercups dance!
By ayame in Stories
An Ode for dad’s affection  How empty life is without the presence of dad  Miles away he is still running his old shop relentlessly And miles away I’m still l  Read More...
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An ode for. Dads affection
It was 12tg Feb ..Nitesh ask me ..what is your favourite colour...i said is white black ..n red also ..he said ok n disconnect the call day a car came a  Read More...
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Long distance love ..
Two different people from two extents of this world, nothing in common... There was a magnetic attraction in ur voice that made those stupid talks sweet as honey. Th  Read More...
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Forever in love
By Uthara in Stories
A rainy day..seems like gods had a fight and the goddesses are crying to make them stop fighting. What an imagination right   Read More...
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Love at first sight
By Uthara in Stories
her innocent heart won't know the social stigmas, At a point reached before her marriage proposals Today she has to give a intro about her love.. SHE:Dad,I'm in l  Read More...
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The Indian Girl
By Sai Praveen in Stories
Rose day was just a fiction , Real intension was to make relation , Giving choice between two colours was just a game , Agenda behind that was flashing a flame, Sayi  Read More...
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That's How it all began !
                                                                         As we grow spirit 
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                                                       In his immortal sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ exho  Read More...
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