Short Stories

Lets go 20years back from today..I still remember when i was in 6th class. I was at the age where everything seems to be beautiful, life looks very easy ,full  of p  Read More...
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its all about love
By Riddhi in Stories
Midnight and Unrequited Love I remember the night you denied coming back home and forced me to leave your hotel room. I walked all the way back leaving behind the f  Read More...
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Midnight and Unrequited Love
By Srijani Basu in Stories
Not every confined places are suffocating, sometimes words can be claustrophobic too.   Read More...
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bitter words
By shailja in Stories
जगावेगळ प्रेम , जगावेगळी कहाणी ! 1)  “ तिच्या एका आर्जवान त्याचा   Read More...
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जगावेगळ प्रेम , जगावेगळी कहाणी
I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have  and always will  My incomplete historical love story. Like everyone says, “first love hurts the most but  Read More...
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My incomplete historical love
By Smilee Prashant Bhatt in Stories
These days majority of today's youth is ruining the most beautiful emotion which we call 'Love'. For today's youth love is equivalent to proposals, patch-ups, and st  Read More...
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Dust of Lust
"Aditi, go and try this one. I think it will suit you more and you will look like an angel in heaven" Aditi turns around in the direction of the voice and found Aman  Read More...
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A long road to walk
It was an awesome and unforgettable experience with 8 policemen at the Railway station in Jabalpur. It's a bit weird and it’s possible you won't believe me and thi  Read More...
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An experience with policemen
"Please don't crown my mother - in - law as a "Devi", bhabhi, she is a demoness in disguise, you are still unaware of her doings", mumbled Reet to me. I was jus  Read More...
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I am a Hindu but Ramzan is a very special day in my life. I saw my wife, for the first time , on thee Ramzan day. I had been looking for suitable matches for long;  Read More...
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Eid ka Chand
                                                                               To Be Tr 
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let truly be happy
                                                    Who is god? Where is He? Since most of us have never seen Hi  Read More...
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God Is In Daily Life
          Let Faith Be Your Guide BY:- SUNIL SACHWANI               I woke up this morning with a prayer in my heart. I wanted God to grant  Read More...
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      Silence Is Precious                                  The practice of silence is one of my favourite ideals and I have wr  Read More...
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Silence Is Precious
    Realize The Lord Within You                                      Remember that time and efforts are needed for contracti  Read More...
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