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11 Week Journey to Shift Behavior Into Speaking A Workbook for Parents and Caregivers to Connect and Find Speech Naturally

Author Name: Marci Melzer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Parents and caregivers are the best spoken language facilitators because they currently understand communication behavior best.

Today's high-tech world is not set up to help late talkers thrive.

The natural way of language facilitation has been replaced by entertainment apps, and repetitive music videos. Unwanted communication behaviors increase and parents worry.

What can language facilitators expect after 11 weeks with this book?
A Mindset Shift - The Source of Language is YOU
Worldwide, parents have reported a whole new experience raising their kids. You will realize how powerful your actions are.

Listening, Attention, and Participation
You can expect your efforts to be rewarded with better attention and listening, starting within the first few days. This workbook shows you how to create easy opportunities all day long for consistent intervention.

Spontaneous Imitation of Actions and Speech
Late talkers will try to imitate your actions and speech when they TRUST you to help them succeed through demonstration and coaching (and without prompting, forcing, or hand-over-hand guidance).

Happiness Through SELF Empowerment
This workbook intends to help evolve your natural abilities. You will develop habits to instantly connect, translate nonverbal messages and then intuitively know exactly what to do and say. You will respond with confidence even when you feel emotionally exhausted or triggered by outside influences.

You will become a natural language facilitator!

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Marci Melzer

Marci Melzer, M.Ed.-SLP has been an Intuitive, speech-language pathologist, and language facilitation coach and consultant for more than 3 decades. Over the years, Marci identified what it takes for kids to shift from using behavior for communication into speech. 5 years ago, she left her career as a speech therapist and created her online platform Waves of Communication.com.

Marci's goal is to equp and empower parents worldwide to become language facilitators so they can help the late talkers in their lives to share their wisdom with the world.

As free resources for parents and caregivers to learn about natural language facilitation, Marci has created more than 500 training videos on YouTube and Facebook and she currently offers free coaching and Q&A opportunties weekly.  Marci’s language facilitation strategies have equipped and empowered parents and caregivers in more than 20 countries to facilitate spoken language faster and easier than traditional speech therapy. In fact, many parents are facilitating multiple languages simultaneously, even with children who have been diagnosed with conditions such as autism.

Marci has published two books including her first title "If it isn't FUN it ISN'T fun - Teach Your Child to Talk Faster Than Speech Therapy", and the "11 Week Journey to Shift Behavior Into Speech" and the companion "1 Year Language Facilitation Record." She has also created an intuitive Language Facilitation Inspiration Cards card deck. Marci offers online coaching services for parents worldwide via independent study courses and personal coaching programs for parents. Visit WavesofCommunication.com to learn about all of Marci's language facilitation training resources.