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2023 LuniSolar Calendar Diary - Paperback for the Doers of the World to Nourish - Grow - Expand - Ground The Will in the Rhythm of the Earth.

Author Name: K. K. P Rekha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This LUNI-SOLAR Calendar journal is founded in the Dark-Light Earth Rhythm that interconnects all of life on earth within its myriad folds. It mirrors the truth that we are interdependent inter-beings, and nothing exists in isolation or independence of each other. Astrology, and Astronomy, Biology, and Cosmology, Science and Spirituality are all inter-related, inter-connected, and inter-dependent. While this LuniSolar Diary may seem to have a Gregorian appearance in terms of the movement of dates, it is aligned on the movements of the moon and sun as is observed on the subcontinent of India . It supports your Will to navigate with the waxing and waning of light and darkness on Earth as guided by the seers of this land.

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K. K. P Rekha

Rekha Kurup is a Trauma-Aware CI-informed Integrative Systemic Phenomenological Therapist, Spiritual Guide, and the Keeper of the Cyclic Earth Wisdom traditions. She is the founder of two initiatives namely the She Stands Tall Project and the Ordinary Human Project.

The pedagogy of all her offerings is founded in a Whole-Person-Philosophy that supports the integration of the Personal, Relational, and Transpersonal experiences of Inhabiting an Emotionally Mature Adult Human Knowing.

She supports individuals and groups to consciously develop the Compassion and Curiosity to Inquire into the Relational Origins of their Triggers, Develop the Courage to do the process – integration work, and Mature their Self-awareness to take 100% Responsibility for their Being+Doing in the world.