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47 Shards of My Heart

Author Name: Mohamed Mubeen | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

47 Shards of My Heart is a new collection by a fresh voice, a young poet. Aimed at the heart, intense, passionate, dark and ironical – one can be forgiven if the collection comes out as the outpourings of a broken heart, one that can seem to represent the emotional agony of perhaps millions of humans. While the poet attempts to lean heavily on alliteration, it does lend a certain gravity to the subject. Some poems are certain to leave an impact – the mysterious ‘A Woman in a Black Veil’, the almost confessional ‘On My Blindness’, the direct ‘An Elegy to My Heart and the 66 desires enumerated in “My 66 Wishes” – among others. Indeed, a profitable analysis may be made as to the use of numbers in the collection, including the enigmatic title, 47 Shards of My Heart

The collection may stand out as giving vent to the unexpressed or inexpressible anguish of especially the younger generation of individuals suffering from pangs of various disappointments of the elusive condition – being in love. It seems reasonably certain that the readers will hear more about the poet of these delightful vignettes – Mohamed Mubeen – in the days to come when his voice is bound to become more mature and classical. Let us warmly welcome the newest entrant in the Indian poetical panorama. 

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Mohamed Mubeen

Mohamed Mubeen is a keen student of English Literature. As a young enthusiast, he holds M.A. and M.Phil. degrees in English from The New College, Chennai, and has developed a strong passion for writing during his undergraduate days. He is a deep thinker and an observer of society. With a prodigious amount of creativity, he has written some interesting scientific plays and also has been sketching a couple of novels revolving around revolutionary themes and epic storylines. 

Since life itself is a book with multiple chapters depicting sorrows and merriment interchangeably, Mubeen too has undergone some deep experiences, which has impacted him perceptibly. While his teachers from his college ignited the flame of poetry in his heart, his personal encounters awakened his poetic sensibility in him and transformed his story into a poetic expression. As a result, he penned his first poems, collected as 47 Shards of My Heart, in quite a short period of time – a collage of emotions and feelings. By emphasizing the darker half of existence, the poet brings out the significance of being human with his strong verses of conflicted romance and longing.