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A Compact Text Book of Political Thought

by Dr. Th. Siamkhum

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

This Book, ‘A Compact Text Book of Western Political ­ Thought’ is a comprehensive syllabus based text book for BA 1st Year, 2nd SEMESTER in Political Science as prescribed by Manipur University. Since syllabus based text books are rarely available in the market, students have to go for quite a good number of books to have a full set of Syllabus which is not only a costly a‑ air, but also scarcely available in a remote place like Churachandpur (Lamka). ­This has given much uncalled for burden and headache to students, particularly financially constraints students.

This Book, I sincerely believe, would immensely help those sincere and ambitious students to be in a better preparedness for their Second Semester Examination. Omission and Commission, including typing error etc., if any, would be rectified in the subsequent publication.



A Compact Text Book of Political Thought





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