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A Hundred Thoughts

Author Name: Selinaah Muralitharan Format: eBook | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

A compilation of poems and sayings written by the author since she was sixteen. Each chapter resembles a phase she went through as a growing adolescent. However, the author came to a realization that her experiences about love, family, friendships and life are relatable to most teenagers she know.


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Selinaah Muralitharan

Selinaah Muralitharan is an eighteen year old college student who plays badminton for her state in Malaysia. She has been juggling her studies, sports and poetry ever since she was a kid. In her own words, the author said, “Everyone has their own purpose in life. I figured that mine is to touch people’s lives through poetry.” Selinaah also wishes to serve her community in the long run by becoming a doctor like her mother someday.



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