by A R Malabari
Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

“ A remarkable book with distinctly divergent views and trend setting thought- processes that raises several intellectual and challenging questions. Read it and be enlighted.”

Prof . Kusumam Joseph

(Social activist and leader of a Novel Indian Political Party)

About the Author

A.R. Malabari (1901-1980)

Born at Payangadi, a hamlet of historic importance in the Kannur District of Kerala, in a poor family as the third child of an illustrious father, his primary education was in Gurukula, a system that prevailed before the modern mode replaced it. There he studied to read and write his mother tongue Malayalam.

His father sent him along with his elder brother, Abdullah, for his studies in the Punjab where the community educational facility was freely available. Both Malabaries were outstanding students in studies and games.

After graduating from the Punjab University, the author graduated in Law from Madras University and practiced as a lawyer for a brief period. Finding law practice not to his taste tried his luck with film industry and Co-operative organization which too proved not his turn of mind.

Immediately after WW2 he was recruited by Aramco, Saudi Arabia where he worked in the Education Depart for over thirteen years. He was a linguist who knew Malayalam, English, Urudu, Punjabi , Persian and Tamil. His famous painting of the King George V was hanging on the wall of the Punjab University until the great partition in 1947.

Above all, he was a philanthropist, decent, humorous and down to earth person. A Man that is Called is his life’s work.

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