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A Path to Change Yesterday

Author Name: Nikhil Guru | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Everyone believes that the future is Utopia. Nothing goes wrong, peace is maintained and World War-III never happens. I can tell you first hand, that is false. Forget everything you ever knew about the future because it’s never going to happen. The air is toxic and one whiff can kill you. We have nutrient injecting boxes that we use a substitute for food since a meal is too expensive. Forget water since you’ll not find a drop of it. The earth is a barren waste land where only the largest cities have stepped up to survive. Under the protection of the Dome we hide from them, they who have lost humanity. All this made to be by one mistake, only one. But we have learned an important lesson: It is never too late to fix a mistake. This is my story of how it came to be, my story of how it’s going to change. This is my path, A Path to Change Yesterday.

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Nikhil Guru

Nikhil Guru is 14 years old, lived in USA earlier and now lives in Hyderabad, India with his Grandparents and his Mother. He also has a younger sister. Nikhil Guru has been writing ever since he was eight years old, he has written numerous scripts, short stories, Directed and written scripts for schools. Fascinated by Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian Mythology he wants to create something new out of the old. He has conducted story telling workshops, participates in recreational activities and helps the poor and needy. He released his first novel: A Path to Change Yesterday in 2018. Nikhil has also been part of numerous editorial teams.



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