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A Word to the Wise Transform Your Life, One Perception at a Time

Author Name: Amiit Deep Kumarr | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Acquiring wisdom is one of the foremost quest for us, the great homosapiens or the human species!

Wisdom is not always found in textbooks or in the libraries. Can you find wisdom on the sideways? Or are you too focused on what lies ahead, the never ending rat race, or your next material achievement and ignore the fact that the most profound wisdom that we can imbibe lies on the sideways of our lives, as it is happening every second with every breath of ours.

We are so focused on following a routine and a never ending external competition that we conveniently ignore that life is giving us loads of wisdom with every passing second, with the challenges that are thrown upon us, the strangers we meet, sudden incidents that happen out of nowhere, the good thing and the bad ones too, and the many surprises that comes our way. While we are occupied in our minds at several places, our life touches us with so much to learn from things around us. We just need to observe it closely, sometimes, the best moments are often captured on sideways and not on the front.

A Word to the Wise is a collection of 48 life strategies that can offer you a different prism to perceive and interpret wisdom to transform yourself as a person and a career professional in a very non-conventional manner. The ability to observe life, to be able to feel the rain on our palms and the wind on our face, to wander aimlessly, and to be always curious are also the traits of seeking and acquiring wisdom from the greatest teacher in this world – our life. Wisdom is always around us, while we search for it at many other places, it is waiting to be discovered by us, sitting silently on the sideways of life.

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Amiit Deep Kumarr

Amiit Deep Kumarr is a career professional, business coach, corporate mentor, and an author. Amiit has worked as a career professional for more than 22 years in Indian and global markets. He is a transformational leader with experience in building and scaling multiple services and products. Amit is an astute strategist and a technology enthusiast with pulse on consumer life cycle. An avid reader and philosopher, he published his first book “Soul Cuppa - the Cup of Soul” in 2017, which is a collection of 65 mystic soul sutras as management strategies for business leaders.

A Word to the Wise is his second book that talks about worldly wisdom in a very non-conventional manner and the need to observe our life, people we meet, strangers, circumstances and challenges to take a cue for the pearls of wisdoms emanating around us in our daily lives.