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ACTing English The Essai Guide to ACT English

Author Name: Essai Education | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

Mastering the ACT requires mastering the English section. How do we punctuate an appositive? When do we use a comma? What is a modifier? These are all things you need to know in order to ace ACT English. Grammar can often seem ambiguous, so we go with what ‘feels right’: this book changes that. By offering an accessible system of grammatical and rhetorical concepts, we have sought to create a parallel between mathematics and grammar. No one doubts that 2 + 2 = 4, so why doubt how to use a semicolon?

At essai, our students improve 12 points in the English section on average: now, with ACTing English, you can too. This textbook includes:

● An ACT-oriented breakdown of every grammatical and rhetorical concept needed to get a perfect score on the English section.

● A standardised, structured approach to grammar: rules and formulas that are guaranteed to work every time in every situation.

● Visual and diagrammatic representations of grammatical concepts.

● 475 step-by-step questions which build you up to ACT-style questions.

● 500 ACT-style questions, including 2 practice tests.

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Essai Education

Essai was founded in 2015 by Nicholas Henderson (Harvard ‘06) and Farhad Anklesaria (Yale ‘10) to raise the level of test-prep and college admissions in India. Since 2015, essai has grown to a team of over 20 professional tutors and counsellors, drawn from elite colleges across three continents. Through its dedication to innovative, sensitive, and personalised pedagogical practices, essai has achieved incredible results: our students average a score improvement of 8 points in the ACT, climbing up to 12 points for the English section. We no longer want to confine our knowledge and expertise to our classrooms, and thus we present to you ACTing English.