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Adole-Scenes The Risky Drive

Author Name: INKFEATHERS | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Infatuation, friendships, concentration on career, bullying, depression, anxieties, drugs, alcohol, reputation; all these are the fragments of juvenility. There are many chances of a slip in these contentions and just a slip; just that one slip can cost you many years for rehabilitation. Traps are laid at each junction of this jaunt and there are nominal chances of abandonment. Any shortcoming in your demeanor will undoubtedly lead you to the stretch of predicaments. To shirk off the unvaried obstacles which are faced by every-second adolescence, here are some evidences from the lives of those scribblers who had to oppose such unbearable consequences.


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Origination: In former times, the masses used to believe that ink and feathers are used to pen down experiences, *tales, theories, philosophies and anything they yearned to share.

So inspired by all those former authors who have transformed their lives, influenced the other beings by their understanding, and added meaning to each one’s life; FAUSTO brings a project named ‘Inkfeathers’ into existence which generates and showers opportunities to the aspiring writers. They get an authentic chance to build their name in the writing field.

Inkfeathers is a one-of-a-kind project for unveiling those books that contains a typical writer’s scribbles.

As the name suggests, this project aims to provide wings to the words so that they can reach the hearts of people in faraway lands. Books under this project would be a collection of written words – be it stories, poems, excerpts, or even rants from different closet writers that can be found daydreaming in a classroom or a 2 x 2 cubicle!

How it works: Writers have the free opportunity to submit their short stories, poetries and other writing material. Amongst all those art pieces the best ones are chosen and published in a relevant book. Selections are made by Inkfeathers team. Credits are undoubtedly given to the original writers, based on the deals with the Publisher. To participate in this project, writers can directly contact Fausto through the mail – and avail the chance of being a published writer.

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