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After That Day… I Never Saw Her Again

by Arun Bhimavarapu

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

In late 2050, there lived a 60 year old man, Neo Abel - the founder and CEO of ‘Kimberley group of educational institutions’ and one of the few richest men alive. But beneath all the fame, wealth and respect, there lies a truth that he forbids the world from knowing – he’s not the real Neo.

Then who he really was? What country was he from? Do all the riches he enjoys belong to someone else? What’s his real name? Is his wife the same girl he once met in a parking lot? Had he ever been to that naval war in 2022? Is he a threat to his own self?

And most importantly, after that day… did he really never see her again?

Welcome to the Bermuda triangle of Money Love and War.


Arun Bhimavarapu is the author of two exceptional novels – After That Day I Never Saw Her Again and My Nightingale, who won millions of hearts around the country with his unique style of narration and inspired many more with his breath taking journey from a TCS employee to a FlipKart delivery boy to a National bestselling author.

‘Live life on your terms. Or wake up to a nightmare every day…’ is what he teaches his readers.



After That Day… I Never Saw Her Again





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