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Alexia in 10th Mile

Author Name: Vijayalakshmi Babukumar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What do you do when everything you have lived for is suddenly snatched from you? When your city is destroyed and your friends brutally slaughtered? When the benevolent queen you have grown up serving dies fighting to save the future of her tribe? When half your tribe’s children are kidnapped and forced into slavery? When you are left with just a handful of terrified adults and bewildered kids – including the very young crown princess who is now your responsibility? When you suddenly become the only hope for survival for the pitifully small remnants of your tribe? Do you break down and cry – or do you focus on solutions? Do you collapse under the unbearable burden – or do you gird yourself up for the enormous challenges facing your people in an uncertain and often hostile new world?

Those are the situations and questions that Alexia faces as she stands at the crossroads of existence. Destruction and tragedy are behind her, desperation and determination lie ahead, as the war-weary survivors of Tribe Mran look to her for guidance, answers and hope. Will she measure up to their expectations and lead them out of this maze of fear and despair? Or will even her best efforts fail, and her tribe wiped off the face of the earth?

This is the story of Alexia’s incredible journey from the ordinary to the exceptional, from complacent comfort to a do-or-die situation, from panic to peace, and from the old world-order to a totally unfamiliar way of life. Her personal growth is complemented by the growth of her tribe’s understanding of the total interdependency of every species that exists on earth…  

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Vijayalakshmi Babukumar

Vijayalakshmi is a Mechanical Engineer and supply chain leader with more than 2.5 Decade of experience in Manufacturing, Automobile and project Industry. Basically a classical dancer and story teller loves speaking with people and helping them motivate with her stories and experience.

She is born and brought up in Coimbatore city, in the belt of Siruvani River and loves writing poetry in Tamil. Currently she lives in Coimbatore with her Husband Babukumar and Son Thejasvin.