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All the Sunshine That Wasn't Grey

Author Name: Rahul Shandilya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Three Women. Three independent stories of how broken people see love.

In the Sky of a Million Stars—For an introverted city-lad like Abheer, life in her dadi maa’s village, Kainat is exile. The only respite from boredom is looking at Fatima in the paddy fields from his bedside window every morning. But the poor girl is cursed, says dadi maa. Any silly superstition hurting Fatima is blasphemous to the things she makes Abheer feel. What is this curse? What shall be the fate of a friendship that blooms in its shadow?

A Wistful Woman’s Chronicle—At 37, the sensual, immoral Mridula pleads herself a victim of the most horrible things a woman can face, which stem from two men in her past. Maybe she would not have loved and looted hundreds of men otherwise. Or maybe not. If these two men die, her past will stop haunting her. Only then can she truly discover who she is. On this killing spree, she meets a young, lively seventeen-year-old Rishi, and she is tempted to befriend him. Is this temptation limited to looting him, or will the destruction be deeper? What is Mridula’s story? What will this friendship cost Rishi?

Fireflies—Adeeba is a lesbian. Why else should she have to leave her village Rohila, lose Ammi or her little sister Sabeena. If she didn’t love Bhoomi, she didn’t have to run her away from that nasty ritual. Sabeena didn’t have to lose her leg; Bhoomi her memory. After all, no one had saved Adeeba from that. But if she is a lesbian, why is love sprouting inside her for Veer? How can she love both of them, when her body can love only one? And how differently? How far can we go to make ourselves feel loved and understood?

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Rahul Shandilya

Rahul Shandilya is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at BITS Pilani, Goa, who finds himself an artist at heart. He has been writing for more than nine years and has held several literary positions, like the chief editor of his school novel, IGNITE. The Times of India featured it as the first of its kind in the city. He has also won several poetry competitions across the country.
He finds stories a great way to express oneself while hiding behind characters, which explains his love for contemporary fiction. Rahul keeps experimenting with different poetry forms and writing styles. He likes to infuse new things into his native style to create something new.
When not writing, you can find him strumming his guitar or playing his keyboard. He sings okayish, loves deep, interesting conversations with people, and would die without coffee. Nothing is sometimes his favourite thing to do.
Connect with him:
Instagram: __.shandilya.__ and __.shandilyawrites.__
Email: shandilyawrites@gmail.com
Facebook: Rahul Shandilya