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Alphas VS Albras The Superhero is Born - 1

Author Name: Raja Nunna | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The man was Steve. Steve Jacob.

He was in a volcano, but not scorched.

He was in a thunderstorm, yet not drowned.

He was at the edge of the cliff but not toppled. Why? Before saying that, we have to know his story keenly.

‘I want to talk about life. Life is a choice of an intentional individual decision made by us,’ Steve thought. “No one can reckon this sort of situation. Even me, never. What you have seen is the International Dance Festival [IDF] in Los Angeles, and Unique Fighting Experience, [UFE] in New York is waiting for me. In an unfortunate situation, I gave my word to both competitions. Sara put hope in me and Blake, my fighting coach too. Blake and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long, a very long time, now my time has come to take part in the fighting competition. He is in New York, waiting for me.

Now I am at a point. Which path should I take? My best friend’s career, reputation, team, college prestige, and professor’s trust are on one side in Los Angeles. My career, sponsors, coach, faith, and passion for becoming a fighter in the fighting competition from childhood are on one side in New York. I can’t skip any one contest, because those competitions are the first and last chance for us, and both are prestigious. I can’t betray any of them from both sides if I have no choice; maybe I have to! Either I act selflessly or selfishly. Even though if I lose on any one side, I will never consider myself an ‘Achiever,’ I have to win on both sides; it’s not my wish; it’s the purpose and goal of my life. So, I am compressed, depressed, and exhausted.

Finally, I took a path. I can consider this path as a TRIGGER point in my life. Never be on two ships at the same time since, it brings no way - this is what my dad said,” Steve said to himself.

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Raja Nunna

Raja Nunna was born in India and has been a storyteller since childhood.

Whenever he tells a story, it connects to the listener significantly.

The way he tells the story enchants, bewilders, stuns, and emotionally grips the audience;

their reactions, appreciation, and expressions of awe led him to become an author.

He currently lives in the United Arab Emirates and came up with his first novel-

Alphas Vs Albras – The Super Hero Is Born – 1.

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