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ALTRUIST Aztec Nation - Red Labyrinth ( Romantic suspense novel )

Author Name: Loveleen Fernandes | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A Sequel to Qualms – Aztec Nation – Vanishing Legacy.

It’s the last quarter of the year 3010 AD, Aiires Doyle, CEO of Aztec Nation, has his hands full.

Aztec Nation is a prominent name synonymous with underground real estate restorers and developers run by the Azzaleas. Shuanna Azzalea, Princess of the Azzalea dynasty, is the only heir to the empire. She has tasked Aiires, her loyal friend, with the job of getting the company out of financial trouble.

Aiires has also promised Shuanna’s father on his deathbed, that he would protect his daughter and keep her birthright safe. 

Although McKay escaped his assassination, Aiires will not rest until justice is done. 

He has been working tirelessly to get better deals and outbid greedy business magnates who desired to acquire the Aztec Nation's finest real estate. He is also gathering as much information as possible about the elusive underground property known as the Red Labyrinth.

Despite his selfless, altruistic demeanor, Aiires is very aware that he is emotionally scarred. So pursuing a romantic relationship is the last thing on his mind.  But when Shuanna's gorgeous best friend approached him and asked for yet another favour, this altruist couldn't say no.

Aiires now had too many balls in the air. 

Everything appeared within his control until the day he discovered the hidden vault. 

His life will never be the same.

Aiires is dragged far from the comforts of his home as he faces a sequence of frightening and life-threatening incidents. Aiires must put aside his smoldering desire for this stunning girl and focus on the unfathomable problems at hand.

He had no idea that opening that vault was going to change everything he thought he knew about the one thing he always sought. Only now, he won’t want it anymore.

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Loveleen Fernandes

Loveleen Fernandes is a part-time writer, who started her journey writing poems. She now dabbles into Solarpunk philosophies and future-noir, while writing romantic suspense novels. She explores her avenues in literary fiction and hopes to take her reader upon a memorable journey through her imaginative writing. Married to her high school sweetheart, Loveleen is now enjoying her days with him and her very energetic son, while working full time as a digital marketing specialist.



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