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Am I A Closed Book? The Closer You Look, The Lesser You See

Author Name: Megha Agrawal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details
We don't love hate We hate hate We also hate love Still we love love We run from emotions But emotions still run. Hello, friends. Let's play a game. My each and every piece of writing will tell you things about me. All you have to do is to comprehend them. And then at regular intervals, I will ask you "AM I A Closed BOOK ?" and you have to answer me on that. At last, I will keep repeating for sure: The more & more you read about me, The more & more I will be closed book to you.
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Megha Agrawal

Hello Reader My name is Megha Agrawal (one of my pen name and also the real one). Megha is a Sanskrit name for girls meaning Cloud. I'm a 22-year old fledgling writer An Indian Native language | Hindi Second language | English Sign Language | In the morning until I brush my teeth 75% Introvert | 25% Extrovert By Day | A Student By night | A Writer For fun | Ciphering Want to Visit | An Asylum Want to drive | A truck Hate | Passing Fad Dining | Alfresco Like | Messaging Dislike | Chatting ??????????? ??Single ??Taken away | By the idea of love ??Married Currently, I am in a relationship with the IDEA of love. I am completely obsessed just by the idea of it. It's super cool. ??????????? Writing to me || Ubiquity of thoughts in my life and my mind. Why Ideas in ubiquity? || Don't have any kind of phone (don't force me to have one please I really don't want to). ??????????? You can reach me through: Mail || ??????????? Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading! ???????????