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Amongst Monkeys A Frank Story from IIM-A

by Narendran

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Getting into one of the country’s top management schools is hard.

Dreams are many. Expectations are high.

So what happens when a budding leader from one of India’s famous Public sector company ends up there, hoping IIM–A is all about leadership. And then, his dreams start to crumble.

There’s probably no one who can narrate those feelings better than Naren, a simple student at IIM – Ahmedabad.

His journey, through a fiercely competitive world, that is, the most premier management school in India, is by turn thoughtful, poignant and hilarious; sometimes laced with sadness. And it quickly becomes apparent, that it is not what he was looking for.

And the pressure of memories, of unrequited love, and the expectations of everyone around make things that much harder.

The course is tough. The hours are long. Grades are hard to come by…

Is all lost? Or is there a treasure left for Naren to take back…

Simple and fun loving, Narendran is a keen guy always willing to learn, and is one among those few inspiring people who is always eager to talk to you! Narendran is also a first time author who never shies away from questioning established traditions. A rebel with a touch of humour, Narendran presents his views in an irresistible style which is difficult to put away! Reach him at amongstmonkeys@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/amongstmonkeys


Amongst Monkeys





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