Indie Author Championship #6

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Anna Florence

Author Name: Pihu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Raman, the young man at fourteen, decided to speak his truth and stand for it. But what is his truth beyond the fact that he is blessed with the divine gift of art? He does not want to face them. At twenty, he has achieved more than he expected but materialistically. Wanting to be almost robotic, Raman wants to free himself of human-like emotions; being a human, it’s impossible to do so. Those conflicts and resisting forces that he puts towards emotions not only result in him living in isolation but getting uncomfortable and confused when someone ‘invades his space’ by just existing.

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Pihu is a twenty-two-year-old Indian author who is also a professional artist and a part-time music student. This, being her first book, brings about an amalgam of a lifetime of ideas put together in a magical mixture of about 23000 words. The book has inspirational roots from several fields that interests her including painting, K-pop artists and songs. Understanding linguistics and psychology plays a major role in her ability to put herself in the shoes of characters with such distinctive dimensions.

Pihu, who spent the last three years writing in one cafe to another, took inspiration from her surroundings and held different conversations with new people which inspired her to put new things into this book over the months and grow not only as a budding author but also as a useful person to society. She wishes everyone well and hopes that her first book brings joy to every reader’s life!