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Anubava Gynam Part- I

Author Name: Sri Jayakumari Amma | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

There's no rainfall other than where we stood. Surprising?

Is salvation only possible through a painful death? No, it is not. Salvation is peaceful.

Images of innocent kids flash on god's sculpture; the images of children who died a painful death in a school fire accident. How is it that they're here?

You don't deem fit for a married life for the power of your life rests with me.

The trees and plants in my vicinity seemed like spirits of humans.

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Sri Jayakumari Amma

Till the age of forty, Jayakumari S believed she lived her life the way she wanted.  Accidently, when she entered into the mantra world, she felt her life going beyond her control, being moved by God, the divine or the subtle force. During this journey, she started to receive knowledge through which she was shown the path to uplift the ignorant.

She believed the construction of temples in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu and the various books published were all a work of the so-called divine force and that she is only a tool for these activities. She does not claim ownership for anything as she strongly feels she is a temporary one-time visitor to this world. According to her, taking nothing leads to moksha.