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Ashwathama A Cursed Immortal

Author Name: Himanshu Verma | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Treta Yug - Raavan was very proud of himself that, no man on this earth, could defeat him, so even after knowing all this, he did not returned Sita Ji, but he got engaged in a task, that if he really died, then, he should sustain on this earth in one or another way.

Dvapar Yug - Battlefield of Kurukshetr, Late evening, 18th day of war. Bheem smashed Duryodhan’s both thighs in the Mace dual. Duryodhan was lying on the ground, his both thigh’s femur bones ruptured and dislocated from pelvis. Ashwathama came and promised Duryodhana, that he will take back Hastinapur

Kaliyug - Every Kaithi villager was watching same news, on TV and Mobile on Purali for last one day. The news was devastating, nothing left in the village. For Kaithi people it was like their second home is gone with all relatives, they were in extreme shock and anger. 

Everyone got some sense, that there is something in Purali which can be danger to us, and this danger is still there, anything can happen to us. No one still got clear picture, whether it a disease which is killing all of us or there is some enemy or a group against us?

Whoever it is, how on earth someone can move a mountain to finish a village or is it really Lord Shiv, who is furious on us, if it is Lord Shiv’s wrath then, why Guru Aksi said, War?

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Himanshu Verma

Himanshu Verma, an Information Technology expert by profession and Environmentalist by heart, lives in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, with two daughters (Shikhi and Venuka) and wife Sarika Verma. 

Ashwathama is first and major work of literature by him, though wrote two more books out of passion for kids, one on kid’s stories and another on Mathematics tables.

He is working on this book since 2016, with passion to write something different for Ashwathama, not only a cursed warrior of Mahabharat, who is living for 5500 years, though give him a new dimension for his role and give Indian version of superhero. 



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