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At the Crossroads of Life Creating Your Own Path When There Isn't Any

Author Name: Sagar Amlani | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

When you find yourself at a crossroad in the journey of life, this uplifting book will provide you with guidance, insights, and wisdom. Sagar Amlani shares how perseverance and gratitude served so well core values in creating his own way forward – when the path ahead was not clear. You, too, will find your forward in life. And you will be well served to have this wonderful book as your companion and your guide.
– Ron Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author of Uplifting Service


Being at the crossroads can be confusing. Roads lead in different directions, but you don’t know if any of them will take you to your destination. And when the same thing happens in critical life-situations, it can be crushing. You feel overwhelmed and lost. Imagine how Sagar must have felt, then. Many a time, he found himself at the crossroads of life. But each time, he managed to carve out a path to go where he wanted to. After the Mumbai floods of 2005 almost destroyed his life, he picked up the pieces, put himself through a premier B-School abroad, and became a successful corporate leader, entrepreneur and global speaker. How? Using his intellect, willpower, resourcefulness and values. 

Sagar realised that this is the magic formula one needs to succeed in life. 

And through this book, Sagar shares his formula with you. His inspiring story – which moves from Mumbai to England to Nashik to Hyderabad – gives you an insight into how you can achieve your dreams. If Sagar could do it, so can you!

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Sagar Amlani

Sagar Amlani, The Productivity Explorer.

MD, Zapro Consultants. Board Member – PSAI.

Graduating from a premier international B-School, he worked as a senior corporate executive before becoming an entrepreneur and a professional speaker. Today, as a Productivity Explorer, he helps several individuals/organisations to enhance their efficiency while being highly effective using his signature program “Building Productivity Mindset”.