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At the Edge of Tomorrow Unleashing Human Potential in the AI Era

Author Name: Deepa Venkateswaran Mukherjee PhD | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

“This essential guide is a timely beacon for organizations striving to excel in the new tech-centric workplace by fostering collaboration and embracing change.”

Ron Kaufman, Global Keynote Speaker | NYT Bestselling Author of "Uplifting Service" | Ranked World’s #1 Customer Experience Guru

“An empowering call to action to preserve the essence of human talent in the modern workplace, where each one can shape the future of work, regardless of technological change.” 

Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, Founder & President, G100 Club, ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF), WICCI, SHEconomy  

“Deepa’s description of reskilling research and the intriguing model for leveraging employee self-skilling abilities in workplaces can help self-directed learning enthusiasts.”

Dr. Naomi Boyer, Chair, International Society for Self-Directed Learning

“Deepa’s academic vigour combined with her years of experience in tech organisations make this book a compelling read.”

Santhosh Babu, Founder  of OD Alternatives and Orglens | Management Thinker, Culture Expert

“This book is a must read for all industry leaders who are looking to build a learning organisation, one where employees show a higher degree of self-initiative and align to a fast-changing disruptive world."

John Cherian, MD & CEO Enparadigm, Transforming Talent for the Future of Work

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Deepa Venkateswaran Mukherjee PhD

Dr. Deepa V Mukherjee is a human resource leadership pioneer and an inspiration in talent management. With roots in organizational development and a flair for applied neuroscience, Dr. Deepa’s approach to people development is both heartfelt and groundbreaking.

With over 15 years in pivotal leadership roles and almost three decades in the industry, she is currently spearheading the people agenda for a leading high-tech product firm in India. She is a changemaker who has been listed among the country’s Top CHROs, Talent Development Leaders and celebrated as a shining HR Tech Mind.

Dr. Deepa’s foresight led her to explore social sustainability, lifelong learning, and the dynamics of employment, earning her a PhD in Management. Her work isn’t confined to academia – it is lived and breathed in companies and showcased in her inventive Career Sustainability Assessment (CSA)® Tool and the transformative Employee Self-Skilling (ESSM)® model.

Awards like the Indian Achievers’ Award and the “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” honour from the Women Economic Forum in 2022 are testaments to her impact. Dr. Deepa’s most heartfelt project is ME Green India. Born from her PhD research, it is a call to action for career self-governance and a sustainable work world for everyone- a world where professional growth meets sustainability.