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Aurora Ream of Wonder

Author Name: Authorcoinfinity | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

This book is a collection of bedazzling stories and poems created by brilliant authors and poets, the future stars of literature, who participated in AuthorCoInfinity Anthology competition and won, bagging the right to become published writers!

Each and every piece of work in this Aurora of Imagination and Creativity is awe-inspiring, and this anthology will surely appeal to the taste of all readers, as it’s the perfect blend of all the genres a reader could ask for. Love, adventure, horror, fantasy, narrative, you name it and our remarkable writers have published it!

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Writing has been more than just a hobby to me, it has been my solace, something I cherish dearly. I started to write for fun, I continued as I needed it to live on. To me, writing has always been an escape from reality; when things get too out of hand or I just can't bear to face something, I always turn to my writings, my private worlds, where surely everything isn't perfect and yet, everything is always just right.

I have always loved to read as well as daydream, anything that sent me to a world of my imaginations which I loved with all my heart. But to me writing is something even more than that, it is like a bridge that connects my vivid imagination to my beautiful reality. Once my hand picks up the pen, or when my fingers touch the keys of the keyboard, I am not in charge anymore, my thoughts and feelings just flow through my mind into my fingertips spinning into a remarkable story, a story that is the key to all my problems, a story that uses my love for creativity to help solve my problems in life, and gives me the gift of living a reality of my dreams.

Writing is more than an escape from reality, it is a precious garden consisting of all the secrets to a happy life. It is the key to connect with our inner self, one who holds the solutions to all our problems.

CEO and Owner of AuthorCoInfinity
Ruchita Nair



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