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Badla Desh Bhagat Kaa

by Mahendra Verma

Format: Paperback

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Revenge of the Patriot depicts the dutifulness of an honest patriot who sacrifices himself for the country and his sacrifice does not go to waste. Even after death, his soul continues to change and punish sinners.

The story is about Ajay, a journalist. He is an honest man who tries to fight injustice. But the truth is that the system is working against him. Ajay is not able to single-handedly fight the system. So a spirit helps him. Whenever a drop of blood falls from Ajay's body, the spirit enters it. And this is how the dead patriot takes his revenge….

Mahendra Verma is a resident of Dehradun, Uttarakhand and is currently working in the software industry. He has done a Diploma in computer science and is the chief editor of Navdha, a newspaper. He is also a member of Film Writers Association situated in Andheri West, Mumbai. Apart from being an author, Mahendra Verma also writes lyrics and is a singer. Badla Desh Bhakt Ka is the sound of the writer's spirit.



Badla Desh Bhagat Kaa





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