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Author Name: Hariharan Raju | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The Pandavas and the Kauravas are returning to modern world in a different outlook but with same powers in this book “Barbarika”. While the Hindu Mythology says it is because of the boon Krishna gave to the “greatest warrior of the Dwapara Yuga” – Barbarika, Science says it is because of an epigenetics experiment conducted by “Master of Epigenetics” – Vishaka. The Kurushetra War begins here between Shyam and Dr. Meghvarna to attain the power every man wants.

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Hariharan Raju

Hariharan Raju, a tech Innovator and a certified screenwriter, has been a storyteller from his childhood.He got his masters in Data Analytics which gave him the capability to connect missing dots and converting every data in to useful information. He got introduced to the world of fantasy by his cousin Kathir at the age of 6. His favorite activity after school time was reading comic books along with his sister, thanks to his uncle, who ran a bookstore in his town. Then he got introduced to the world of cinema by his dear friend Mohan, and they both started creating new stories from class V.

His favorite subject is History, probably because of his mom Gomathi who was a social teacher. He listened to every information in History classes in detail which made him explore more on Indian Epics. He found his passion in story writing and with the support of his wife Kiran, he put himself in to different screenwriting courses and workshops on the weekends to learn the craft professionally. He saw the lack of interest for our own Epics with current Alpha generation kids and that made him to write this book. But instead of telling the story in traditional epic form, he presented the important characters and sequences from Mahabharata in the form they like to consume. He chose to put all his interests—History, Epics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Romantic Drama—in his first book as he spent two years only for the research of this book. He red 17 different forms of Mahabharata and extracted all minute aspects of them for detailing his book. He also spent a lot of time on Genetics research along with the top professors in Chennai to deliver the story with utmost perfection. He gives equal respect to the Hindu mythology and science, and believes that they are inseparable.



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