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Before the Sunset

by Lakshmi Menon

Format: Paperback

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Before the Sunset is the story of Raju and how his life completes a full circle.

An unemployed youth, he begins his life with a romantic relationship that results in elopement.

A period of bliss is followed by the loss of his wife, where Raju resigns from life to deal with his grief. His resentment and uncaring attitude towards life and relationships thereafter form the crux of the story.

Twenty-five years later, fate brings his children together to the same place where they were separated. Will they recognize each other? Will Raju’s wish to meet his daughter once again be fulfilled?

Lakshmi Menon was born in Kerala.

She has authored two novels The Second Choice and Cherished. She has also written three non-fiction books on Travel and has contributed to three anthologies.

Her upcoming novel The Vanished Girl will be released this year (2017).

She is also the Founder and Editor of a popular website, www.induswomanwriting.com, meant for aspiring writers.

She has travelled widely in India and abroad. She currently resides in Bangalore.



Before the Sunset





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