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Beyond Dreams Collection of Thoughts

Author Name: Anurag Achal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

From my earliest days in school, I harboured a deep passion for literature. However, I never imagined that I might one day become an author. As a primary school teacher in the DAV organisation, I found myself in the company of intellectuals. This, coupled with the nurturing environment of my home, paved the way for my debut book in the field of literature. I've strived to craft both poetic and straightforward lines, hoping to make this thought-provoking book accessible and enjoyable for the readers. In this book, I've addressed a range of vibrant issues, putting forth my best effort to give each topic a meaningful dimension. It's my hope that these thoughtfully crafted pieces will not only please the readers but also provide them with delightful insight. This book is the manifestation of a dream made possible by divine blessings. The emotions and feelings that ebbed and flowed during the writing process have culminated in this humble treatise, which I offer to my readers as a gift of delightful reading.

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Anurag Achal

Inspired by my devout parents, my book is a result of divine influence and blessings. It's a simple, accessible exploration of thoughts, making it an ideal read for schoolchildren. Its educational content and coverage of pressing topics also make it suitable for colleges and institutions. My parents' move to a town with sound English education, under my grandmother's advice, shaped my academic prowess. I excelled in school, earning accolades in events and sports. The book, a blend of rhyming and simple words, aims to present clear, concise meaning.