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Beyond the Mainstream: Top 50 Emerging Careers for GenNexT A Know All Guide to 50 High Potential Careers of Tomorrow

Author Name: Avinaash Deshmukh, Dr. Vidya Bhate | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

If you compete to be the best you may become the number one … but if you work to be unique, you will be the only one….  Anonymous 

You want to make a great life for yourself and that depends wholesomely on what career you make. You really want to make a careful and well thought out decision, don’t you? You want to follow your passion... your interests... but are not sure if you will be able to really make it big. Big in terms of your expected social and financial growth. Big enough to make your loved ones proud of you. 

You just want to make one life … but the million options out there just camouflage that One which is yours. Sometimes lack of information and sometimes self-doubt is what keeps your brakes pressed when you really want to accelerate. 

So here we bring, handpicked TOP 50 emerging careers for You – The Millennial, the Centennial or the Alpha Gen.  A career for each one of you and yet different from the routine.  With all the important information you may just need to make that decision. Whether you feel you are a techie or a free spirited or one with a business knack, you may just have your eureka moment here.. 

You may just find that ONE which belongs to you… the one which YOU belong to.. 

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Avinaash Deshmukh, Dr. Vidya Bhate

Avinaash Deshmukh, an Engineer by qualification, is a internationally Certified Career Coach. He is Member of National Career Development Association USA and Career Development Alliance USA. 

A person who left his thriving corporate career to work meaningfully in his area of passion - people development through capability enhancement, Avinaash has developed unique intellectual skills development programs like Har Ghar Mein Genius, Indi-Genius Lab, Ideabaaj - A school based innovation club and BOLDNET - a Personality and Employability Development program for youngsters. 

He can be reached at


Dr. Vidya Bhate , Ph.D Psychology

Dr. Vidya Bhate, a Psychologist and passionate researcher by profession, has her Doctorate in Cognitive Psychology and has an overall 20 years of experience in teaching, counseling, research, mental health and human capital. Presently she is working at the Vishwakarma University, Pune as the Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning & faculty at the psychology department. In the course of her professional journey, Prof. Vidya has added value to the community by contributing through diverse roles in the domains of LifeSkills development, research & coordinating for social initiatives through platforms like Rotary International. Designated at various higher positions in her career, she has executed projects for organizations in sectors of Life Skills development, social work and research. Attending national and international conferences and working with some of the top-notch researchers & educationists, she has gained the ability to inculcate strategic planning, value and lifeskills based education.



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