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Bharatha Pirathamar Indra Gandhi Padukolai Vazhaku - Part 2 Indra Gandhi Padukolai Pattriya Muzhu Vivaramana Nool

by Mrs. Z.Y. Himsagar M.A., M.L.,

Format: Paperback

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“Assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi: the Crime and the Trial” - Possibly the best overall book on the Indira Gandhi assassination written in lucid style – perhaps the only book in Tamil language - covers various aspects of police investigation, court proceedings, jail manual of hanging of the accused connected to Indira Gandhi Murder Case - the book takes the readers along the highway of high profile assassination closely followed up by super Cops of Delhi Police, top brass of Intelligence Bureau and unrelenting sleuths of R&AW of India – this is an indispensable book for budding lawyers and students of Legal Studies, for IAS and IPS aspirants. The latter part of the book gives an in-depth analysis of the intricacies of law and justice in Indian Legal System in dealing with a sensational murder case. It is delicately remarked that Indira Gandhi Murder Case has dealt with entire Sections of Indian Penal Code during the Tihar Trial Proceedings. Ultimately this black and white investigation does not stop with the sterile description of assassination and the consequent execution, but also gives solution to curb the menace of ASSASSINATION. Of course, no doubt, the content of this work will pave way for research in the field of Justice and Police Investigation.

The first author is Mrs. S. Padmavathi, born on 14th April 1969, belongs to a Tamil-speaking Brahmin family hails from Mahadhanapuram, Karur, Tamil Nadu. She studied Law at Bangalore University and Annamalai University. She is practising Law at Chidambaram Bar. Miss. D. G. Sindhu is her only daughter doing doctorate in Mathematics in Annamalai Varsity. Mr. D.G. Hari Prasath is the author’s only son.  She along with her husband Mr. Z.Y. Himsagar, who is related to the acclaimed Tamil Writer and Critic Ka.Naa.Subramaniam @ K.N.S. @ Ka.Naa.Su. has authored many political history books and a tamil short-story book entitled “Mahadhanapuram Railway Gate”. The second author is Mr. D.G. Hari Prasath, a Senior Law Student at School of Law, SASTRA University, Tanjore. He is adept in Carnatic music and music instruments.He is a wide traveller having visited Bangalore, Benares, Calcutta, Delhi, Gaya, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Trivandrum and also Nepal.He has played vital part in digitizing and annotating the Kapur Commission Report. “Assassination of Indira Gandhi: The Crime and The Trial” “Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: The Crime and The Trial”, “Assasssination of Mahathma Gandhi: The Crime and The Trial” (in Tamil) are her forthcoming works through NotionPress.Com of India.



Bharatha Pirathamar Indra Gandhi Padukolai Vazhaku - Part 2





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