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Bhavishya Malika Puran / バビシャ マリカ プラン (未来のご本)

Author Name: Pandit Shree Kashinath Mishra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

This book is an enthralling journey into the depths of Bhavishya Malik, an ancient scripture of immense significance at the culmination of Kali Yuga. Volume 1 sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of prophecies yet to unfold, captivating readers with its timeless wisdom and transformative insights. Unveiling the prophecies of the Panchasakha, the authors of Bhavishya Malik, this book illuminates the cyclical nature of time and the power of divine knowledge. Delving into the enigmatic realms of the four yugas, it demystifies their essence and unveils the sins that contribute to Kali Yuga's downfall. Through a mesmerizing journey into Lord Maha-Vishnu's Dashavatar and the signs heralding the end of the age, readers are inspired to embrace spiritual evolution and seek righteousness. The profound exploration of Lord Kalki's birth and the signs from the holy land of Lord Jagannath leave readers captivated, yearning for more. As Volume 1 paves the way for further volumes, readers are invited to embark on an extraordinary odyssey, discovering divine wisdom and preparing for the dawning of a new era.


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Pandit Shree Kashinath Mishra, has studied Bhavishya Malika for over four decades. With the grace of Lord Shree Jagannath, he has been preaching the essence of Malika, with the sole purpose of spreading the teachings of our Aryan and Vedic traditions before the imminent destruction and protecting humanity. 




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