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Black Book of Bliss

Author Name: Rahul Chanday | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

When we reach out to the first bright light of the morning sun and stretch our arms to embrace it, we will experience immense joy. We just need to stretch our arms, and to welcome it within every cell and our being with love and enthusiasm. We will need to let go of all the inhibitions and let loose of all restrictions. The more we practice doing this, the closer we get to believe that the whole universe resides in us, in you. "You are not a drop in an ocean but the entire ocean in a drop."

Happiness is not an achievement; it is a realization. It is not a destination; we sense it throughout our journey. Happiness doesn’t depend on what we have or what we don’t have, it depends on what we are deep within us. When we stop constantly fighting back with what we are, when we realize that we are imperfectly the most perfect human ever created in the history of mankind. We realize our uniqueness. We can never make or produce happiness; we can only discover it because it has always been there around us and in our totality. Pure bliss has never happened to anyone through achievements, it happens when we drop the very idea of running behind, even running behind happiness and then we realize that we are complete and total, exactly as we are.

This is how I write my bliss in black and white…

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Rahul Chanday

Rahul Chanday was born in a small town called Batala, in Punjab. However, most of his memories are associated with Dalhousie, a picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh, where he studied in a boarding school and is currently managing a hotel. He has earned a master’s degree in management and owing to his charisma, has been invited by many corporates and NGOs to deliver motivational speeches. He has also been teaching postgraduate students and professionals in a management college. This book is the labor of his inquisition; desire to understand the realms of life, its pleasure or its meaning. His message is oneness with the universe.