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Blunders of My Heart

Author Name: T J | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

My son doesn't seem to be far behind in terms of overtaking me in our usual war of words. I asked him to help me write a "Perfect blurb" for my new book after my subtle bribe attempt of chocolates and sweets failed. His answer was, "Perfect blurb doesn't go with a book titled, Blunders of my heart".

So here I am in all honesty with not-so-perfect blunders of my heart that might rock, shock, and maybe even touch your heart.

Welcome to my world of blunders.

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TJ has been mesmerized by the world of poetry since an early age, blinded by which she chose to go up on the stage and recite a six-line poem at the school poetry recitation competition. She proved to be a great source of entertainment for the entire school and ended up sounding like a person whose tongue had been attacked by a swarm of bees. In view of her stage fright and the infamous incident she chose to create her own world of poems, inspired by which she wrote her debut book " Remember Me." 

She now lives in Pune, India with a lifetime supply of crazy thanks to her exceptionally wacky family and an overactive imagination. 
Before she started her writing journey, she dreamt of being a professional volleyball player, yet worked in the IT industry for over a decade, studied fashion designing, and then just to confuse herself and the rest of the world she got her graduate and a post-graduate degree in English Literature.

When not writing she can be found hunting for cake shops and ice cream parlours or maybe doing nothing at all. 

If you wish to share your blunders or laugh out loud at hers, you can visit her online at

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