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Bullock Carts to Boeings An Octogenarian’s Journey

Author Name: Nirmala Ramaswamy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Writing brief articles on topics of public interest calls for a keen observation and an ability for coherent presentation. Nirmala Ramaswamy, with her plenty of observational skills makes pithy presentations with a mixture of humour, understanding and empathy. This book is a treasure trove of her writings. You will not have a dull moment reading it.

- Dr. G. Lakshmipathi, a well -known author and a humorist.

This book takes you on a nostalgic walk down memory lane. The author’s narrative style is so vivid that you can almost see the progress and prosperity growing in post-independent India and the changes brought on by technology in peoples’ lifestyles. Through it all, you feel her love for her family, friends and country and her gratitude for experiencing life at its fullest.

- Indu, my niece, an avid reader and a book club facilitator

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Nirmala Ramaswamy

The author grew up in Chennai and got married to an officer serving the IAF. The next 25 of years of her life were spent in travelling and setting up homes in places across the country. At the age of 55 the officer hung up his uniform and settled down in Bangalore. Soon the weddings of their sons and travels outside the country to greet the grandkids arriving one after the other made the couple’s lives interesting. These events helped the author undergo a different category of experiences in the changing roles, triggering the muse in her. The feelings were expressed verbally in the middles, travelogues and features besides her first book ‘idlis to iPads’, released a decade ago. She has held arts and craft exhibitions and flower arrangement shows in cities like Bangalore, New Delhi and Madras.

This book ‘Bullock carts to Boeings’ is a sequel to her earlier book.