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Business Stories

by Aslam Charania

Format: Paperback

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“Encouraging the MSME entrepreneurs and youth to create big, sustainable businesses and generate employment through their work is the core objective of writing this book”

Today, India is a land of great opportunities and will remain so for next three or four decades. Yet we don’t have as many globally competitive enterprises and are struggling with unemployment, poverty and illiteracy. Why?

Entrepreneurship can be one of the effective responses to these challenges and opportunities. Entrepreneurs create jobs, develop innovative solutions to address the need of the society, they increase GDP and thus attract lot of foreign investments and can help this nation in a significant way.

Business Stories is a book with sixteen such stories of successful MSME enterprises that has achieved meaningful success in relative shorter time span and has the potential to grow exponentially in the years ahead. They also have the potential to inspire and guide millions of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and youth of this wonderful nation.

Mr Aslam Charania is a business trainer, coach and a mentor to several MSME entrepreneurs. He has been into this field for past twelve years and knows the issues and challenges of MSME’s, which helps him connect effectively with existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. He has addressed more than one lakh entrepreneurs through his open seminars, has trained more than 2000 entrepreneurs through extensive short & long term training modules, delivered more than 350 public speeches and has worked with more than sixty enterprises as consultant or a coach. He is a serial entrepreneur himself and is currently the chairman and managing director of mastermind group of companies, which has created three enterprises and an NGO in past six years.

Aslam also co-authored a book Retail Mahayudh which was published in 2007. The purpose of that book was to boost the confidence of small and medium sized retailers from unorganized sector and empower them with ideas and tools so that they can not only survive but achieve healthy growth in their respective businesses inspite of aggressive competition from modern trade and online retail.



Business Stories





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