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Butterfly Effect and Other Short Stories

Author Name: Prachi Saxena | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the chaos theory, the butterfly effect is described as the phenomenon wherein the slightest change in the initial conditions of a nonlinear system can cause great changes at a later stage.

In simpler terms, all that we do, the smallest decisions we make, the people we meet, create a ripple effect on the story of our lives. A simple decision of taking a right instead of left or bumping accidentally into a neighbour—everything has consequences. Every encounter, no matter how insignificant, modifies our story in a unique way.

The Butterfly Effect and Other Short Stories is a collection of the tales of such encounters—some life-changing, some life-affirming, and some that happen long after the life is lost.


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Prachi Saxena

Born and bred in Bhopal, India, Prachi has been on a nomadic spree since 2011; she presently resides in Dublin, Ireland. Her rendezvous with a plethora of cultures and people reflect in her storytelling. Although being a marketing major from the Indian School of Business, she fancies herself more of a daydreamer. This attribute of hers, combined with an engineering background, enables her to create stories with an interesting amalgamation of logic with everything that is human.

After a brief entrepreneurial stint and a number of corporate jobs, she is currently on a hiatus to travel, learn new languages, read and write, or as she puts it—to more intimately know the planet she was born on. Because of her introvert nature and obsessive note-keeping skills, she prefers writing over speaking and through this book, she wants her readers to get a sneak peek into the organized chaos that her mind is.