Can Astrology be a science?

by A.P. Velayudhan


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Astrology was born as a cosmic and celestial observational concept. The invasion of irrelevances, superstitions and irrationalities have given it the concept of a vague myth; a mystical concept. This book reveals the flaws, exposes the malfunctioning and misuses by quacks and fakes. It proposes reforms in order to once again make Astrology a believable, consistent, near accurate and more importantly an acceptable science. It propounds tested and proven modules for practical Astrological usage.

The book is not only meant for practising astrologers, but also the general public who are curious to know about other related subjects, vastu, palmistry and numerology.

About the Author

A.P. Velayudhan was born in a spiritualistic family and educated in a religious institute. He became a staunch rationalist opposed to religion and its related concept Astrology. He under took the study of the very subject just to prove it a farce. While its merits influenced him immensely, its inadequacies and inconsistencies induced him in to intense research for a decade. He developed a modified system based on his research. His new and scientific approach has made his predicitions more accurate. His discernible findings endowed him with a Hon Doctorate, amongst others.

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