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Celebrating Life The Drama Begins

by Anandini Valluri

Format: Paperback

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The book "Celebrating life" is a collection of incidents written in an article form, for a richer and a liberated existence.

The idea behind the book is to develop a sense of belonging and the realization of the purpose we have been sent on to this planet for living a life which should remain a positive motivating example at the end.

Keep this view in mind the book takes you into a deep soul searching to come in temrs with some of the regular incidents of life which may or possibly had be handled in a better way at some point of every ones life.

I am Anandini Valluri from Doha doing my M.tech in communication systems at Sastra University.

Over the years I got a chance to travel extensively around the world due to my parents professions, this gave me an opportunity to experience ,live and understand people from all walks of life.

These little experiences and the exciting adventurous people I came across brought in me one simple question and the curiosity to know "who am I?" I wanted to connect myself to the highest strength and divine energy . what started out to be my inner feelings finally came down to a book.



Celebrating Life





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