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Chai and Biscuits with 1001 Haikus

by Usha Meenakshi

Format: Paperback

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Words are but the voice

Of the soul; sap that reveals

Self in the flower!

From the realm of nature to that of inner self; from the dark recesses of mind to the straining, exploding emotions; from the simplicity of children to the complexity of the technology, these modern Haikus touch and savor them all.

If you are looking for the ephemeral beauty of youth and the empyreal charm of the landscape, then you see it here. If it is the crazy expression of mankind-the proof of his ingenuity, then you find it here. If it is the smile that curves your lips and the warmth of love that touches your heart or the pain that you feel wrenching in your soul, then you find that too reflected here.

Clichéd ideas have a beauty in that they connect with every thinking soul. Words inside may be of the writer's but then they are universal in theme as man has been the same since stone age.

Take each one at your pace. Start from anyplace and finish somewhere and pick up from wherever, you will find them touching a special chord of your heart and mind every time.

Usha Meenakshi known as Usha Murali, a vibrant personality, is a passionate teacher and an avid reader. Even as a child, she was known to hide the book beneath the pillow only to retrieve it after her mother had slept and read it in the street light seeping through their only window.

Born in 1965, in Neyveli and brought up in Madurai, Tamilnadu, this Tamil speaking girl moved (after marriage) to Narsingarh, now known as Birlapur in Madhya Pradesh, then to Jhansi and to Solapur and then to Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya, then to Canada and finally to Nashik. She finds language and communication a challenge and equally fascinating. To her, words represent people, and in perception lies life.

After a bachelor’s degree in Physics, she did a Masters in English Literature and took to teaching school children as career for the past 25 years.

In her spare time, she loves to listen to music and learn various languages. She currently lives in Nashik, Maharashtra with her husband Murali, who is a professional Chartered cum Cost Accountant, running a Business and Management Consultancy firm.

Visit her blog-ramblingcogitations.wordpress.com

Write to her: ushameenakshi2009@gmail.com



Chai and Biscuits with 1001 Haikus





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