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Chakra Yogam

by Sri Jayakumari Amma

Format: Hardcover

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The book features 17 yantric mantras, as identified by saints, for the betterment and welfare of our lives and of those around us. The book, Chakra Yogam, enables you to know and use the mantras in your life.

First, man should align himself with cosmic energy, where a number of realms of energy co-exist in varied wavelengths. Man should recognize the wavelength that would better his life and align him to the spectrum to reap benefits.

It is a common misconception that educated people don’t associate themselves to and patron tantric practices. Such a notion that I had been believing changed with the influence of my mother. The fact that tantric practices are a study and one can better his or her life by studying this was revealed unto me by her. One of the main reasons why I started practicing this was due to the constant delaying of my marriage, followed by a skin disease. Within a month of involving in tantric practices, my skin allergy got cured and my marriage was fixed as well.


Chakra Yogam





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