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Chal Ban Ja Murga Kukdu Ku

by Praveen Sharma

Format: Paperback

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Funny & active characters will force you to finish this story in one go.

Naughty students with great sense of humor like CHOTTU & BHEEMA, lust for the fun in youngsters, Irritated Principal DDD and Fun loving teachers like Bela Ram, IM Khanna, Lilly & peon Devraj made this this story run on the rollers fast.

Doctor Laddhar, Inspector WI-FY and his staff also add fun to the village life.

With the help of King Ghost the lost luster of the GHOST CITY “THE QUILLA RUANSA” brought back to life and the justice for the murdered kid also got prevailed.

Parveen Sharma is a writer/defence builder. As his father was in the defense services, he was subjected to a lot of transfers. This gave him the chance to be in many new cities and new schools. Every place had its own unique story and every school had a different environment. But everywhere, the playful children and the crazy mischief of childhood were common, which is why the author advises people to become a child again.

"Don't be shy. Be childish!"



Chal Ban Ja Murga





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