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Children's Stories for Adults

Author Name: Chitra Mukherjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Chocolate mountains you can take a bite out of, fat yellow ducks on curly indigo waves and unblinking goggle-eyed vermilion coloured fish. Violent red sunsets with huge omelettes of suns. Little girls with flying pigtails and blue ribbons, a melting ice-cream in one hand and flying a kite with the other.Balloons with wriggly tails in screaming reds and greens and yellows that explode into a cottony blue sky.

Welcome to my world...

At the outset let me confess that this is a very whimsical book. The stories, they tend to tell themselves and ramble on happily to their own rhythm and meander a path that I had no control over. 

Some stories I had difficulty reigning in and some ended abruptly and with a flair before I could even blink. But I let them be. They were like willful children who danced around me, pulled my hair and made me trip. I don't know if these stories will mean much to you, I hope they do. 

These stories capture my favourite parts of being a person: the joys of having been a child and of seeing children. Reading them summons my child-like sense of wonder. Each story takes the reader away from our reality. And at the same time each story looks back from its own distinct angle to give us an impression of where we are coming from.

These are children’s stories. They just happen to be especially well suited to adults.


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Chitra Mukherjee

I come from a family of story tellers. I have been listening to stories from my grandmother, my aunts and my mother for as long as I can remember. Stories of wily old women who rode pumpkins to hoodwink hungry wolves, stories of children who stole from witches and many more. My father wrote stories too and I remember Sunday afternoons spent listening to them. His were dark ones that enticed you in and I remember thinking this is how I want to write. It was his passion to write and it is mine too. I am still honing my craft but I do know that this is what I want to do..tell stories.

So come gather around me, sip your cuppa and let's begin.