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Churmuri, Potpourri Tales from your own life

Author Name: Sudha Narasimhachar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Sunil realised how much his family loved and cared for him during his school days.

Varsha and Varun learnt a great lesson from their beloved pets.

Grandmothers are treasures, and they can take you to wonderlands with their rich experiences.

A gem-studded chariot to support a wild creeper, a talking cow, a compassionate tiger, a selfless prince ready to undergo pain voluntarily – read on to unravel unbelievable characters!

“Surabhi was in all spirits that day. All her friends saw some change in her. She used to be so quiet and aloof all these days. But that day, she was bright and talkative.”

Why? Find out!

What was James’ unforgettable  experience? 

Stories that each of you can relate to and relive your own, similar experiences!

Paperback 249

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Sudha Narasimhachar

Sudha Narasimhachar worked at Canara Bank for 23 years before opting to retire in 1999.  She is passionate about reading and writing.  She regularly wrote for the Bank’s house magazine. After quitting, she has taken up freelance journalism seriously and writes features, profiles, interviews, light articles, opinion articles, short stories and poems. Her work has featured in Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, The Hindu and many other newspapers, journals and anthologies.

She has published a collection of short stories for children, The Red Monster and Other Evocative Tales, through Unicorn Publishers, New Delhi. Her short stories have appeared in the anthologies, Many Rooms, Many Voices and The Tapestry,  published by Kathalok. She has also published an e-book of her poems, Odes from My Heart, on Goodreads and translated two collections of Munshi Premchand's Hindi short stories to English for Unicorn Publishers.

She loves writing for children, adding important values in interesting stories, most of which are based on her own experiences in the beautiful journey of bringing up her two lovely children.



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