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Circle of Love

by Dipesh Shah

Format: Paperback

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A break-up is what brought out the creative side of Dipesh. It turned him into a writer.

Dhruv is a BBA student, who is unclear about his goals in life. He loves to hang out with his friends and was quite satisfied with his life until the day he met Veronica.

Then, it was love at first sight and his life became more beautiful... He began to live each day of his life, as if it were a blessing, thanks to her. They were a happy couple, madly in love with each other. Their love became stronger with every passing day, until unexpected tragedy struck. Life takes a twist and a turn – would their love survive this storm?

A heart-breaking story of love, betrayal and guilt that will make you wonder whether love could be so cruel and selfish.

‘Pyarr mai deewangi agar dono taraf se ho to acha rehta hai,

Aksar ek tarfa deewane logo ko log pagal kehte hai.’

Dipesh Shah has completed a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). He lives in Indore (M.P.). He plans to start his own business and is passionate about writing, an avid reader in his free time.

His other interests are listening to music (he is a die-hard fan of Arjit Singh), surfing the net and exploring new places. He is also crazy about gadgets.

He can be reached at dieforarsenal17@yahoo.in on his his official Facebook ID.

You can mail him at dipeshshah147.ds@gmail.com

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Circle of Love





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