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Collection of Short Stories

Author Name: Yasir Sulaiman | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details
Life can be compared to a rainbow. It perhaps has even more color variations. Not everything is as glossy or grand as one would see in movies. The truth is stranger than fiction and this book attempts to bring out some untold stories with specific morals in each one of them. Some of them are meant for kids and the others for grownups. These stories are based on what the author has directly witnessed in life and is properly connected to life in India. The sky doesn't always remain blue nor does India feature only entrepreneurs and movie stars. It is recommended for highly emotional or sentimental readers to have someone by their sides when they read this book. There is no violence in it, but reality is not always bright.
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Yasir Sulaiman

Been there. Done that. A man of several tales and identities. Yasir has written several short-stories, poems, articles and also novels besides having a sharp business mind. He has been in and out of several professions including Writing, Salesmanship, Marketing, Help Desk Support, and Teaching. Yasir has successfully left a mark in whichever profession he chose. In Yasir own words... "A phrase I have written to describe myself is “A strong wind in the shadows”. The term “wind” suits me as I am everywhere and I am nowhere. I don’t stay in one place for long nor do I have much long-time friends (not until date). I give life, comfort and perhaps even entertainment wherever I go, and can become ferociously stormy if something (or someone) stands in my way. Yet, I do not publicize whatever I do or whatever I believe in. I always remain in the “shadows”. As a result, I have traveled a lot, have faced as well crossed many challenges in life, have been in the journeys of several entrepreneurs (and celebrities); and yet no one knows me. I am Yasir Sulaiman."