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Author Name: Ermina Afroz | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

COMMA is a newly blooming illustrated collection of art and poetry depicting its worth and vividness through the simple framing of words constructed in the aim of bringing poetry in contrast to the importance of science. The poet, Ermina Afroz, has tried to create a sense of inescapable attraction and connection to the 150 works of lighthearted, deeply moving and realistic poems giving special emphasis on the operation and practice of the comma punctuation, as the name suggests. The purpose of the punctuation has been surfaced to highlight the pauses/breaks life give us, the very break where the poet creates art drifting away from the chaos of the puzzled life for a while

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Ermina Afroz

Ermina Afroz is a 19 year old modern-day poet and writer.
Writing a poetry collection was always on her listing, until *Comma* became a reality. Being a voracious reader, she finds tranquillity in the study of literature and tries to expand her interest by indulging in writing poetries and short stories. She is a sensitive ambivert and a keen listener, who loves listening to people who have experiences and tales to share with her and immortalizing them by means of her words.
When not reading or writing, she’s found witnessing sunrises and sunsets admirably.



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